Eagles Parade: Live updates from Philly’s historic Super Bowl celebration

This thing is huge.

Sydney Schaefer / Billy Penn

Happy parade day! We’ll be updating this page throughout the day with images from across Philly. Latest updates are at the top; scroll down to go back in time. Check out our official recap with 52 glorious photos here.

After the speeches were over, the masses headed back toward Center City.

Dan Levy

The crowds at the Art Museum were huge.

Dan Levy

At the official closing ceremony, Jason Kelce — dressed as a Mummer — outdid Chase Utley by emphatically dropping f-bombs. Here’s his entire speech, transcribed.

And won Philly’s heart forever.


The Eagles cheerleaders are along for the ride.

The cheerleaders weren't far behind
HughE Dillon / Philly Chit Chat

Yeah. We knew yesterday there’s no way the city had enough bathrooms for this.

This monument looks like it was expressly built to host fans.

The parade from up high as it rounded City Hall.

Eagles players are riding high at the front of the bus.

HughE Dillon / Philly Chit Chat

The Philly Beer Week Hammer of Glory is at the parade.

Pa. Sen. Anthony Williams raising his fist high in the air.

HughE Dillon / Philly Chit Chat

Councilman Bill Greenlee looks like he’s having a blast.

HughE Dillon / Philly Chit Chat

Everyone and their mother is getting in on the #EaglesParade Twitter action.

Super Bowl trophy and Super Bowl champion coach Doug Pederson and Super Bowl champion EVP Howie Roseman.

Doug Pederson, giving Howie Roseman credit where due
Dan Levy

The crowd in Center City is deeeeeep.

That Lombardi Trophy sure does shine bright.

Dan Levy / Billy Penn

Drum lines are a huge part of this city. (Even though some councilmembers wanted to ban them.)

Eagles center Jason Kelce is dressed as a Mummer and riding a bicycle. The real GOAT.

Bud Light went big with “Philly, Philly, Dilly, Dilly” skywriting over City Hall.

Bud Light took over the skies — and people ate it up
Chris Montgomery / Billy Penn

These Eagles are so Philly.

There’s enough port-a-potties for something, it appears.

Fresh ink. Hawt.

Fresh ink
Dan Levy

Weapon X gets shown respect.

The King and his family are apparently Eagles fans.

Dan Levy

These girls are into it. And hopefully tethered to something?

Dan Levy

Pope Francis visited Philly, and then two years later the Eagles won the Super Bowl, so…thanks?

Dan Levy

The parade started, and apparently the Eagles players promptly got off the bus to mingle. Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman, too.

Lots of Coors Light and Miller Lite on this “Philly, Philly” beer tree. Looks like Bud Light’s marketing campaign is bigger than the brand.

There were beer trees
Dan Levy / Billy Penn

There’s both official and unofficial livestreams of the action.

Pop-up hot dog stand on Bainbridge. “Championship Dogs” going for $3 each or two for $5.

Dan Levy / Billy Penn

Green faces, red cups, blue beer cans outside the Ritz-Carlton Broad. (Yes, that’s where an awning collapsed Sunday Night.)

HughE Dillon / Philly Chit Chat

Some creative marketing from a South Philly funeral home. The schtick? “Tom Brady’s in there!”

Dan Levy / Billy Penn

Morning beer pong is…the best beer pong?

Dan Levy / Billy Penn

Welcome to Philadelphia, suburban fans.

Rothman Cabin at Dilworth Park doesn’t start serving beer until 5 p.m. However, it is heated.

City Hall is flying the Eagles flag high.

HughE Dillon / Philly Chit Chat

In honor of St. Nick, our savior. (It really does feel like Christmas.)

Dan Levy / Billy Penn

Brisk business selling bootleg gear at Broad and Snyder. Going rate seems to be $15 for shirts and $10 for hats.

Dan Levy / Billy Penn

Coffee before beer, isn’t that how the saying goes? Starbucks at Broad and Jackson.

Dan Levy / Billy Penn

“Only 1 to 2 people deep” already looks like a lot of people…

This dude at Broad and Porter has a costume that rivals the Mummers.

Dan Levy / Billy Penn

Green beards are in. Said the woman next to him at Broad and Oregon: “This is going to be fucking insane.”

Broad and Oregon

Broad and Oregon

Dan Levy / Billy Penn

Hoisting a DIY Lombardi Trophy at Broad and Packer, because why not.

Some people made their own Lombardi Trophies

This house at Broad and Pollock was in the spirit — blaring Motown Philly at 8 a.m.

Dan Levy / Billy Penn

But wait, dog mask or eagle mask? Multiple options for Philly fans today.

HughE Dillon / Philly Chit Chat

There were some not so family friendly outfits. (It’s a tribute to “Big Dick Nick” Foles.)

A tribute to 'Big Dick Nick' Foles
HughE Dillon / Philly Chit Chat

Families who bleed green together, brave early morning cold together.

HughE Dillon / Philly Chit Chat

By 8 a.m., trash and recycling receptacles were already overflowing. Uh oh.

HughE Dillon / Philly Chit Chat

The El is obviously the place to be.

Chris Long is ready. (This is the look Howard Eskin tries to pull off, isn’t it?)

Looking good, Comcast II.

The Ben Franklin Parkway was flooded by 6 a.m.
HughE Dillon / Philly Chit Chat

The biggest early throngs were gathered outside the Art Museum steps and along the Ben Franklin Parkway.

HughE Dillon / Philly Chit Chat

People coming in from out of town had to wait in some long lines at the sold-out Regional Rail or PATCO stations, but trains appeared to be operating smoothly.

By the time the sun rose over Philadelphia Thursday morning, hundreds of people were already in place at prime spectator spots to catch the once-in-a-lifetime first ever Eagles Super Bowl victory parade.

Crowds of spectators already lined Broad Street at 7 a.m.

Crowds of spectators already lined Broad Street at 7 a.m.

Dan Levy / Billy Penn



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