Super Bowl payoff: Nick Foles and Doug Pederson are speaking at a ‘wealth achievement summit’ in Philly

Self-help guru Tony Robbins has enlisted the two Eagles champs for his show.

The Ultimate Wealth & Achievement Summit

Update April 9: Tony Robbins was in the news for a viral video captured during one of his sessions, in which he verbally and physically intimidates an audience member who questioned his take on #meetoo. Robbins, who in the video says women are using the movement to gain “significance” through “victimhood,” has issued an apology via Facebook.

Celebrity life coach Tony Robbins has made a fortune in the field of self help. His motivational books float near the top of bestseller charts, and his live appearances sell out. He’s an investor in several dozen successful companies, several of which he personally manages. He has 3 million followers on Twitter, and has enough clout to convince Oprah to walk on live coals.

But he apparently decided his next Philly appearance could use a little extra marketing juice.

Joining Robbins on stage at the May 3 edition of “The Ultimate Wealth & Achievement Summit” at the PA Convention Center will be two familiar names: Nick Foles and Doug Pederson.

What will the quarterback and coach of the Super Bowl champion Eagles add to the wealth achievement conversation?

Per marketing materials for the event, Foles will talk about “winning,” and Pederson about “teamwork.” Many sports stars and teams have consulted with Robbins when they’ve needed an extra boost — Serena Williams, for example — so no reason the strategy couldn’t work in reverse.

Robbins, whom the site refers to as “an authority on peak performance,” did show interest in his two Philly sidekicks right after their Lombardi Trophy win. In a tweet congratulating the team, he pointed out that Pederson was coaching high school just nine years ago, and that Foles crushed it after being relegated to backup QB.

However, whatever wisdom the Eagles leaders can share isn’t important enough that the rest of the country needs to hear it, it seems.

The two sportsmen are add-ons for the Philadelphia event only. Other stops on the Achievement Summit’s tour list only Robbins (who will discuss “business success”) and his two regular motivation-slinging comrades: Gary Vaynerchuk (“marketing”) and Les Brown (“motivation”).

How much does it cost to hear Foles and Pederson follow these three professional inspiration peddlers? It depends.

You can get in the door for as little as $75, per the summit website. That’s for the bronze level ticket, which includes an “event workbook” along with your seat. The silver and gold level tickets go for $125 and $295, respectively…and also include the workbook. What else do you get for the extra dough? Unclear, though if it’s just bragging rights — “Are you silver? Naw man, I sprung for gold” — that wouldn’t be a total surprise. Things get fancy from there, with platinum ($495; includes lunch with Gary V) and diamond ($1,495, meet Tony in person).

Judging from past videos, these summits get pretty wild, with the audience regularly leaping to its feet to jump and cheer. Gotta wonder what Foles and Pederson are pulling down in speaker fees.

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