Every Philly pro athlete ranked by age

Are millennials ruining sports too? In Philly, they’ve become our saviors. 

L-R: LaRico Stevenson, Nolan Patrick, Markelle Fultz, Brian Carroll, Donnie Jones.

L-R: LaRico Stevenson, Nolan Patrick, Markelle Fultz, Brian Carroll, Donnie Jones.

Photos: USA Today Sports Images / Billy Penn Illustration

Jeffrey Lurie thinks the Eagles are a young team. He’s wrong.

Sure, practically speaking, the Eagles owner is right. His team has just nine players on the roster in their 30s, while 21 players on the active roster — including Carson Wentz — are under the age of 25. But the Eagles are not a young team for the NFL, and as Philly’s professional teams go, they’re one of the oldest.

“Look, I think, honestly, you’re dealing with a team that’s a pretty young team,” Lurie said in his state-of-the-team address before the season opener. “You have some veterans at select positions like punter, things like that, and left tackle. But basically a young team.”

Lurie is right about punter and left tackle. Donnie Jones is not only the oldest player on the Eagles, at 37 years old, he’s the oldest professional athlete in Philadelphia. (Jones is a few weeks older than former Eagles long snapper Jon Dorenbos.) Last year, when we looked at every player from oldest to youngest in Philly, the Flyers hadn’t yet traded Mark Streit, who is pushing 40. But he’s gone, so, congrats, Donnie. You’re the oldest athlete we’ve got.

Jason Peters, the aforementioned left tackle, is close. At 35, Peters is the second-oldest player on the Eagles, and the third-oldest in the city, behind Jones and Philadelphia Union midfield Brian Carroll.

Look, we all get older every day, so age is relative, mostly based on when you read this and which players are still on these rosters. But without question, Lurie owns a team that skews old. They are not basically or otherwise a young team. Maybe he got caught up in the city’s youth movement and thought nobody would notice if he called his team young too?

Sorry, we noticed.

Below is a look at every Philly athlete, ranked by age, and a breakdown of each team as they compare to one another in the city and each respective league. From Donnie Jones to the upcoming signing of Philadelphia Union youth player Anthony Fontana — who can officially sign with MLS on Oct. 14 when he turns 18 — there are 206 players listed from the Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, Flyers, Union and Soul. Yep, the Soul made it this year.

We did our best to include every player, including Eagles practice squad guys and those in Flyers camp expected to challenge for a roster spot. We’ll explain all that in our team by team breakdown. So, from 17 to 37 and every age in between, here’s the big list of Philly athletes, from oldest to youngest and back again.


NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
Players 35+: 2
Players 30+: 9
Players 25-29: 25
Players 20-24: 21
Players 19-under: 0
Average Age: Just over 26
Age rank in league: 23rd youngest of 32

The Eagles are, on average, just over 26 years old, based on the current 53-man roster. When including the practice squad players, which our master list below does, the average age drops to just under 26 years old. But as Jimmy Kempski of the Philly Voice pointed out in his annual breakdown of NFL rosters, the Birds are still on the older end of the NFL spectrum.

Because the roster is so big compared to other teams in the city, it’s understandable that the Eagles would have the most players over 30. Percentage wise, more than 16 percent of the Eagles’ active roster is over 30, compared to just 10 percent of the Phillies and roughly 12 percent of the Sixers. Still, the Flyers, Union and Soul all have a higher percentage of 30-plus players. Maybe Lurie is right.

Due to NFL eligibility rules, the youngest players on the Eagles are 21 — having two or three years on a college campus — while top players in the other sports usually start their professional careers as teenagers. This season, the Eagles’ two newest players are the youngest. Derek Barnett, born June 25, 1996, is the youngest player on the active roster. Sidney Jones, born May 21, 1996, is the second-youngest player on the team. There are eight players under 25 on the practice squad, with just one older.


MLB: Chicago Cubs at Philadelphia Phillies
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Players 35+: 0
Players 30+: 3
Players 25-29: 16
Players 20-24: 10
Players 19-under: 0
Average Age: Just over 26
Age rank in league: Youngest of 30

Earlier in the season MLB had the Phillies ranked as the second-youngest team, but per Baseball Reference, the new roster additions have made the Fightins’ the youngest in baseball. And still, the team averages about the same age as the Eagles across the active roster.

J.P. Crawford is the youngest Phillies player at 22 years old, born Jan. 11, 1995, while the oldest is Daniel Nava, recently placed on the 60-day DL with a back issue, something that happens when you hit your mid 30s. Nava is 34, born Feb. 22, 1983.

What makes the Phillies skew so young is the sheer volume of players in their early 20s and the lack of any real “old” players. Nava, Andres Blanco (33) and Luis Garcia (30) are the only players on the roster listed as 30 years old or older, while 10 players are under 25.

Of the 26 players on the roster under 30, 21 of them are 27 or younger, with Freddy Galvis set to turn 28 in November. Aaron Altherr and Tommy Joseph are both 26 and Odubel Herrera will join that list this December, but for a team that averages an age of just over 26, the new core is far younger. Maikel Franco just turned 25, while Rhys Hoskins, Jorge Alfaro, Nick Williams, Aaron Nola and Nick Pivetta all turned 24 this year.

The Phillies are going to be young, at least compared to the rest of MLB, for a while.


NBA: Miami Heat at Philadelphia 76ers
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Players 35+: 0
Players 30+: 2
Players 25-29: 3
Players 20-24: 10
Players 19-under: 1
Average Age: Just under 24
Age rank in league: 2 of 30

According to this list last year, the Sixers were not the youngest team in basketball, ranking just behind the Portland Trailblazers. Philly went out this offseason and added two 30-plus veterans in Amir Johnson (30) and J.J. Redick (33), but the roster losses don’t make the team that much older. In fact, with just 16 guys on the current roster, the Sixers average under 24 years old.

That’s thanks to a run of drafting young talent, with No. 1 pick Markelle Fultz being the youngest. He turned 19 on May 29 and he’s 14 months younger than fellow rookie Furkan Korkmaz, who turned 20 this summer. Ben Simmons and Jahlil Okafor are still just 21 — Okafor turns 22 on Dec. 15 — while seven players on the roster are 22 or 23 years old. Seven!

Nik Stauskas, Richaun Holmes and Justin Anderson are all set to turn 24 in the next few months, but with Joel Embiid and Dario Saric still 23 and T.J. McConnell (25), Robert Covington (26) and Jerryd Bayless (29) the only returning players over the age of 24, this team is really, really young.


NHL: NHL Draft
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
Players 35+: 1
Players 30+: 7
Players 25-29: 12
Players 20-24: 11
Players 19-under: 3
Average Age: Just under 26
Age rank in league: 16 of 31

While the Sixers roster is mostly set, the Flyers have 34 players in camp with a shot to make the NHL team, so in a few weeks the team’s average age could be drastically different. Per NHL Numbers, the Flyers have a team in the middle of the pack in terms of age, and like most Philly teams, it averages out to just under 26 years old.

What’s tricky for the Flyers is that they have three players in rookie camp who might be on the team at the start of the season, or could get sent back to juniors. 2017 first-round pick Morgan Frost, born May 14, 1999, is the youngest at just 18 years, 4 months, while second-rounder Isaac Ratcliffe is three months older, born Feb. 15, 1999. Nolan Patrick, the No. 2 pick in the draft this season pictured above, turns 19 on Sept. 19.

Without all three of them, the Flyers age will jump to over 26, on average, but without, say, 32-year-old goaltender Brian Elliott as well, it would average to just about what it is. So for now, let’s say the Flyer are about 26, odd considering no player on the current roster is actually 26.

It will be interesting to see how much younger the Flyers get once camp breaks, as most of the roster is under 30, with a number of notable names — Sean Couturier, Shayne Gostisbehere, Ivan Provorov, Travis Konecny — under 25. But Claude Giroux turns 30 in January, so let’s start the speculation of if he’ll still be in Philly by his birthday!


MLS: Philadelphia Union at Minnesota United FC
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports
Players 35+: 2
Players 30+: 9
Players 25-29: 11
Players 20-24: 10
Players 19-under: 2
Average Age: Just over 26
Age rank in league: 15 of 22

Technically the Union only have one player who is under 20 on their roster — 19-year old Auston Trusty — but since they’ve declared the rights to sign Fontana once he’s eligible, we included him at his current age of 17. And still, the Union skew just over 26 which puts them, per MLS Soccer, near the top of the league in terms of age.

The Union have nine players in their 30s, which even with MLS dubbed “a retirement league” that’s far too many. They do have 21 players in their 20s, but just 12, including the two teeanagers, under 25.

If the Union want to be successful in MLS, they do need to balance young talent with veteran leadership, but this many older players feels like too many. The Union have just 32 players on their squad and have as many guys over 30 as the Eagles. At 28 percent of the full roster, and some huge names in both MLS and U.S. Soccer in that group, some hard changes may be coming if the Union are ever going to compete.


Sydney Schaefer/Billy Penn
Players 35+: 0
Players 30+: 11
Players 25-29: 19
Players 20-24: 2
Players 19-under: 0
Average Age Just under 28.5

Yes, we included the Soul this year. Back-to-back champs deserve some love. But golly they’re old. The Soul have 11 players over 30 (more than the Eagles and Union, yes) and just two under 25. With only five teams in the league, we didn’t bother calculating a league average, but it’s safe to say players don’t jump to the Arena League until they’ve exhausted every other professional football avenue, hence the older roster.


There’s nothing shocking on this list. The Sixers are very young, the Union are too old, the arena team is full of guys who couldn’t make the NFL team, which itself is young, but not really as young as the owner wants us to think. The other two teams are still in the process of revamping their lineups, which means they have a lot of very important young players, but also some old guys that will soon be shipped out of town.

For the first time ever, Philly’s pro athletes are all born in the ’80s and ’90s. There are no more players born in the 70s on Philly teams. And, beware, because next year, surely, a post-Y2K baby will make a roster.

We’ve reached peak millennial in Philly sports. Embrace it.

Here’s the full list of Philly athletes, with the most updated rosters that had birth dates we could find from either the team sites, references sources or league media partners. You can also rank players by team, position, height and weight, but that’s a whole different article.

Philly Athletes by Date of Birth

EaglesDonnie JonesP6-2221198075
UnionBrian CarrollM5-111581981720
EaglesJason PetersT6-43281982122
UnionOguchi OnyewuD6-42101982513
FlyersNick SchultzD6-12031982825
PhilliesDaniel NavaOF5-112001983222
EaglesDarren SprolesRB5-61901983620
FlyersValtteri FilppulaC6-01961984320
PhilliesAndres BlancoINF5-101951984411
SixersJ.J. RedickG6-41901984624
SoulLaRico StevensonDB5-112051984822
FlyersColin McDonaldRW6-12141984930
EaglesBrent CelekTE6-42551985125
UnionHaris MedunjaninM6-1183198538
EaglesChris LongDE6-32701985328
FlyersBrian ElliottG6-2212198549
EaglesCorey GrahamDB6-01961985725
SoulLarry BeaversWR6-01801985107
UnionMaurice EduM5-111871986418
SoulBeau BellLB6-22451986526
FlyersMatt ReadRW5-101851986614
UnionCharlie DaviesF5-101601986625
SoulJoe GoosbyLB6-1235198696
FlyersAndrew MacDonaldD6-1190198697
EaglesLeGarrette BlountRB6-02501986125
SoulBrennen CarvalhoC6-13201986128
EaglesChris MaragosFS5-10200198716
PhilliesLuis GarciaRHP6-32301987130
FlyersChris VandeVeldeC6-21901987315
SoulDan RaudabaughQB6-32301987330
SoulTyre GlasperLB6-32651987414
SoulKent RichardsonDB5-112001987421
UnionAlejandro BedoyaM5-101601987429
SixersAmir JohnsonF-C6-9240198751
UnionChris PontiusM6-01701987512
SoulShaun KauleinamokuWR5-91851987524
SoulJustin LawrenceDL6-23051987619
SoulJames RomainDB5-11175198786
EaglesPatrick RobinsonDB5-11191198797
EaglesJason KelceC6-32951987115
SoulChris DuvaltWR5-1017519871211
EaglesMalcolm JenkinsSS6-020419871220
FlyersJori LehteraC6-221219871223
SoulMykel BensonFB6-028019871230
SoulAdrian TrevinoK5-11185198812
PhilliesHyun Soo KimOF6-22101988112
FlyersClaude GirouxC5-111851988112
FlyersMichal NeuvirthG6-02091988323
EaglesBrandon GrahamDE6-2265198843
EaglesVinny CurryDE6-32791988630
PhilliesTy KellyOF6-01801988720
SoulLuke CollisQB6-32251988727
FlyersDale WeiseRW6-2205198885
SixersJerryd BaylessG6-32001988820
FlyersWayne SimmondsRW6-21831988826
SoulRyan McDanielWR6-3198198898
PhilliesCameron RuppC6-22601988928
SoulNeal TivisOL6-533019881118
FlyersMichael RafflLW6-02001988121
UnionJay SimpsonF5-111761988121
UnionCJ SapongF6-118519881227
SoulKeith NewellOL6-63101989110
EaglesNick FolesQB6-62431989120
EaglesTorrey SmithWR6-02051989126
EaglesStefen WisniewskiG6-33051989322
SoulDarius ReynoldsWR6-2205198944
EaglesNajee GoodeLB6-0244198964
PhilliesHector NerisRHP6-22151989614
SoulDwayne HollisDB5-10180198977
PhilliesKevin SiegristLHP6-52301989720
EaglesCaleb SturgisK5-9192198989
FlyersJakub VoracekRW6-22141989815
EaglesBrandon BrooksG6-53351989819
EaglesNigel BradhamOLB6-2241198994
SoulMichael SimonsOL6-4310198998
PhilliesFreddy GalvisSS5-1018519891114
UnionRaymon GaddisD5-81501990113
EaglesAlshon JefferyWR6-32181990214
SoulThomas DoverDL6-32601990224
PhilliesAdam MorganLHP6-12001990227
SoulTeddy JenningsDL6-62801990315
SoulDarius PrinceWR6-11851990423
SoulWayne TribueOL6-33301990430
EaglesLane JohnsonT6-6317199058
PhilliesCesar Hernandez2B5-101601990523
FlyersBrandon ManningD6-1205199064
FlyersRadko GudasD6-0204199065
EaglesRodney McLeodFS5-101951990623
SoulTorez JonesDB6-11921990719
SoulBryce PeilaDB6-1205199085
UnionRoland AlbergM5-11160199086
UnionWarren CreavalleM5-91681990814
EaglesSteven MeansDE6-32631990916
PhilliesCameron PerkinsOF6-51951990927
EaglesMychal KendricksOLB6-02401990928
EaglesZach ErtzTE6-525019901110
UnionAndre BlakeGK6-217219901121
EaglesFletcher CoxDT6-431019901213
SixersRobert CovingtonF6-921519901214
PhilliesHoby MilnerLHP6-21651991113
PhilliesAaron AltherrOF6-52151991114
UnionFafa PicaultM5-81401991223
PhilliesMark LeiterRHP6-01951991313
EaglesDexter McDougleCB5-10195199148
EaglesJosh AndrewsG6-23111991621
PhilliesTommy Joseph1B6-12551991716
EaglesChance WarmackG6-23231991914
FlyersMark AltD6-420119911018
EaglesTrey BurtonTE6-323519911029
SoulSean DanielsDL6-326519911113
EaglesBeau AllenDT6-332719911114
EaglesJaylen WatkinsDB5-1119419911127
PhilliesOdubel HerreraOF5-1120519911229
FlyersRoman LyubimovC6-2207199216
SoulJohn SheehyDL6-52651992220
SoulPoppy LiversWR5-7170199234
PhilliesBen LivelyRHP6-4190199235
SixersT.J. McConnellG6-22001992325
FlyersJordan WealC5-91791992415
UnionRichie MarquezD6-21851992526
EaglesJordan HicksMLB6-12361992627
UnionJohn McCarthyGK6-3192199274
UnionKen TribbettD6-21801992825
PhilliesMaikel Franco3B6-12151992826
UnionGiliano WijnaldumD5-111681992831
EaglesRick LovatoLS6-2249199299
EaglesTimmy JerniganDT6-22951992924
FlyersSean CouturierC6-32111992127
EaglesJoe WalkerILB6-223619921211
PhilliesEdubray RamosRHP6-016019921219
EaglesCarson WentzQB6-523719921230
PhilliesNick PivettaRHP6-52201993214
SoulRobert BrownDB6-32051993220
FlyersMike VecchioneC5-101951993225
PhilliesRhys HoskinsINF/OF6-42251993317
EaglesBilly BrownTE6-42551993320
FlyersTomas HykaLW5-101681993323
FlyersShayne GostisbehereD5-111861993420
EaglesC.J. SmithCB5-111891993510
EaglesNelson AgholorWR6-01981993524
PhilliesAaron NolaRHP6-2195199364
PhilliesJorge AlfaroC6-22251993611
EaglesHalapoulivaati VaitaiT6-63201993616
PhilliesYacksel RiosRHP6-31851993627
SoulZach ZidianDL6-13101993723
EaglesJustin HamiltonDT6-23151993727
UnionFabian HerbersM6-01701993817
EaglesDillon GordonG6-4322199392
PhilliesNick WilliamsOF6-3195199398
EaglesMack HollinsWR6-42211993916
EaglesNate SudfeldQB6-62271993107
SixersNik StauskasG6-62051993107
SixersRichaun HolmesF-C6-1024519931015
EaglesIsaac SeumaloG6-430319931029
SixersJustin AndersonG6-622819931119
UnionKeegan RosenberryD5-816319931211
EaglesRonald DarbyCB5-11193199412
EaglesDestiny VaeaoDT6-42991994115
PhilliesRicardo PintoRHP6-01651994120
EaglesWendell SmallwoodRB5-102081994120
FlyersAnthony StolarzG6-62321994120
PhilliesJake ThompsonRHP6-42251994131
EaglesByron MarshallRB5-92011994213
FlyersTaylor LeierLW5-111771994215
UnionAaron JonesD5-91601994312
SixersJoel EmbiidC-F7-02501994316
EaglesJalen MillsCB6-0191199446
SixersDario SaricF6-10223199448
EaglesBryce TreggsWR6-01851994430
EaglesKamu Grugier-HillOLB6-22201994516
FlyersScott LaughtonC6-11901994530
EaglesMarcus JohnsonWR6-1204199485
UnionJake McGuireGK6-3175199493
EaglesCorey ClementRB5-102201994112
UnionJosh YaroD5-1116319941118
EaglesDJ PumphreyRB5-91761994126
PhilliesJ.P. CrawfordINF6-21801995111
UnionMarcus EppsM6-01551995116
UnionAdam NajemM5-81531995119
FlyersRobert HaggD6-2204199528
EaglesElijah QuallsDT6-13211995211
EaglesNate GerryLB6-22181995223
EaglesShelton GibsonWR5-111911995320
SixersJames BlackmonG6-41951995425
SixersTimothe Luwawu-CabarrotF6-6205199559
EaglesGreg WardWR5-111861995712
FlyersSamuel MorinD6-72271995712
UnionJack ElliottD6-61801995825
EaglesRasul DouglasCB6-22091995829
SixersJahlil OkaforC-F6-1127519951215
EaglesSidney JonesCB6-01811996521
EaglesDerek BarnettDE6-32591996625
SixersBen SimmonsF6-102401996720
FlyersIvan ProvorovD6-02031997113
UnionEric AyukM5-81671997217
UnionDerrick JonesM6-3165199733
FlyersTravis KonecnyC5-101841997311
SixersFurkan KorkmazG6-71851997724
SixersMarkelle FultzG6-41951998529
UnionAuston TrustyD6-31851998812
FlyersNolan PatrickC6-21991998919
FlyersIsaac RatcliffeLW6-62001999215
FlyersMorgan FrostC5-111731999514
UnionAnthony Fontana*M5-815019991014
* - To sign in October when he turns 18.
Using most updated available rosters as of September 13, 2017.

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